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Do you need help with ZOOM?

ZOOM is an online video service that allows members to have a meeting without having to drive to the museum. It is the best way to hold a meeting without the COVID concern of meeting others in a small room. ZOOM is free, and costs nothing to download onto your computer from

You will receive an email before the next meeting with the "ZOOM link" that you will click on at 7:00pm the evening of the meeting. It will open your web browser such as Google Chrome, and invite you to connect to the WSC meeting in progress. If the software asks you to install something or join in with audio and video, please agree to do that.


ZOOM normally expects you to have a computer video camera (called a webcam) so that others can see you and hear you. And of course, you can hear and see them too! The ZOOM screen on your computer shows all the members attending the meeting, and usually it has their name under their picture. It allows the person in charge of the meeting to share their computer screen containing a presentation and/or images of a stamp related to the discussion. Most webcams contain both the camera and a microphone so others can hear you talk as you wish to participate. That said, you can in fact attend a meeting with ZOOM and not use a webcam. Your attendance will be noted by a black square with your name, you will be able to see and hear the speaker and others, but they will not be able to see or hear you. So if you do not have a webcam, please don't stay away from our meetings, just join in and listen to our interesting speakers.


Most laptop computers have this "webcam" camera built in. Most Apple "Mac" computers have a built-in webcam. However, desktop "box" computers with Windows usually do not have a webcam, and you need to purchase one.

For further help and technical advice on ZOOM and webcams,

please contact Norm by email


Zoom Help

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